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Farm Drags


These are small triangular shaped, spiked drags. BE CAREFUL OF COPY CAT LOOK ALIKES . . . they are NOT constructed of solid hard steel and are not using carbide drag bits! These drags work great with quads, riding lawn mowers, lawn or small tractors. They rake, plow or tear up the weeds in any small areas like round pens, small arenas, horse stalls and vacant dirt yards. They have also been used for gravel driveways and to break up washboard roads, etc. These drags are triangular so they will not "hook" onto fence posts, etc. You can add up to 150 lbs of weight for more depth. At approximately 40 lbs, they are light enough to easily move around. They have real carbide tipped, "spikes/teeth", not just cut metal ends, and will last a lifetime! They measure about 48" by 54". We have received nothing but excellent feedback on them! (References are available.)