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Railroad Ties

We have three grades of railroad ties ranging from Grade A to Grade AAA (fair to excellent). The ties are normally 7”x9”x8½’, but a few may deviate from these sizes. Ties can be used in various projects including fence posts (solid; and will last forever in the ground), retainer walls, drainage areas, landscape or garden borders, chicken coop and greenhouse footers, guard rails, pallet skids, bridges, storage building foundation (when you want to have the building off the ground and need something that won't rot) sand, dirt and mulch bins. In addition, people have used them to stop their dogs from digging under the fences. Plus, by recycling the ties we help to preserve our environment.

Guard Rail



Garden Borders

Retaining Wall

RR Ties as a Footer

Door Jambs

Traversing Bridge

GRADE A – $250 per Bundle or $11 per Tie if purchased individually. Fair to good condition. A bundle of ties weighs approximately 4,000 lbs. There are 25 ties in a bundle. The ties are usually 7”x9”x9’ in size.

GRADE AA – $13 per Tie

These are excellent Grade Ties which can be used for landscaping purposes. They come in either 8’ or 9’ lengths.

GRADE AAA – $16 per Tie

Top Grade Ties for use in exclusive situations (e.g. front yards, door jambs, gardens, etc.) where you want to have a show-quality look.

Delivery is available @ $3 per mile (one way) with a $60 minimum charge. Ties must be inspected and paid for prior to delivery. We can deliver up to two bundles via a dump truck. If you want more than two bundles, but no more than four bundles, we can deliver via a flat bed trailer but you MUST have the equipment or manpower (at least 3 staff) available for offloading.