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We fabricate a top quality AFFORDABLE shade unit so you can keep your buddy cool during the summer, warm during the winter and dry during the rains. CHECK OUT THESE PRICES!

   9x10 Shade for $435            10x10 Shade for $480              12x10 Shade for $505
  9x12 Shade for $480          12x12 Shade for $560          24x12 Shed Row for $1,050

For comparison, a 12x12 unit at our closest competitor is $1,200 and doesn't include any instructions and diagrams for setting it up or the necessary hardware for assembly (all are included in our kits). The only material not included in our Kits is the concrete for securing the units in the ground.

Unlike many of our competitors, these Shade Kits are constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand high winds and heavy rains. We have been providing these Shades for many years to hundreds of customers and several are located in high wind areas. To-date, NONE have ever had any failure due to the elements. We use 26 gauge (not thin 29 gauge like others use) galvanized metal roofing, 14 gauge (not thin 16 gauge like others use) primed red oxide roof framing and heavy duty schedule 40 unfinished round pipe.

If you don't have the time, we can erect the Shade for an additional charge. The cost for erecting a single module Shade (e.g. 12'x12') is $600 (including concrete) and a double module Shade (e.g. 24'x12') is $1,200. Customers who are located farther than 20 miles from our business location would also have a nominal trip charge for extended travel time and costs.

Delivery is available at $3 per mile with a $60 minimum charge. However, most Shade Kits fit in a 6’ or 8’ bed of a pickup truck.

OTHER FEATURES: The Kits are modular-designed so you can later add on to form a Shed Row, or separate them for individual Shades. Colored roofing or galvanized roof framing is also available for an additional cost. We also carry Portable Corral Panels if you want to customize the Shade Unit so that panels fit within the shade pole uprights providing additional strength and the look of permanent fencing. The Kits come with above ground clearance of approximately 8½'; alternative heights are available for an additional cost.

CUSTOM DESIGNS: We also custom design Mare Motels, large Shed Rows, fully enclosed Barns, Hay Storage Facilities, RV Covers, etc . . . the above is just a list of the kits we carry in stock. To obtain a quote for your specific needs, please fill out our Quote Form.

Please come out and see our own personal Shade which was built over 20 years ago. It is a larger Shade, but built with the same materials and designs as the ones listed above.

Please contact us at (520) 349-4556 or email me at John@procongang.com

12’x12’ with Back Shading

24x12 with Sides

Hay Storage

Combined Shade & Hay Storage

Patio Cover

Shed Row